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LEED Platinum Home

One of the First USGBC LEED Platinum Homes in NH - 2008

"Mancusi Builders, LLC put a ton of passion into the home from the design all the way to the finish work." -LEED Home Owner

"It's just a whole better product, all the way around."

-WHDH Ch. 7 News

As one of the first USGBC LEED Platinum Homes in New Hampshire, this project stands as a turning point in Mancusi Builders,LLC's commitment towards building a sustainable future.  While this home may look similar to other houses, its details are what set it miles apart.  Carefully calculated overhangs control natural light, innovative exterior decking uses less material in a more beautiful way, while larger windows, lighter bamboo floors, fantastic orientation, creates a home that requires zero daytime lighting. The bamboo flooring flows throughout the entire home making it easier to clean and aiding in making a home healthier to live in.  Hidden within the walls is an innovative framing method that uses less material and mitigates issues like thermal bridging, saving money and saving the environment.

Total Square Footage: 2,000

Baths: 3   Bedrooms: 4

Built in 2008 by Mancusi Builders, LLC

Designed by Mancusi Builders, LLC

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