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Wentworth Residence

A Modernist Retreat in the New Hampshire North Woods - 2012

"Exactly the type of design work New England needs - a truly remarkable project..." -Design Critc

The Wentworth Residence is a 1,300 Square Foot Modern Interpretation of the Classic New England Retreat.  However, the modernist two bedroom home has nothing old fashioned about it.  As one of the highest energy performing buildings in the state, the Wentworth is a leading example of where design and building is headed in New England.  Windows are replaced with large sliding doors that open the interior to nature allowing more light and natural ventilation to enter into the home; Walls are double wide allowing for a complete thermal break and double the insulating value of a typical home; a flat roof allows for collecting snow to act as a natural insulator with deep trusses that allow for not only added insulation but mechanical systems to run throughout the home; a concrete floor reduces makes cleaning a breeze while the kitchen features state of the equipment.

Total Square Footage: 1,300

Baths: 1   Bedrooms: 2

Built in 2012 by Mancusi Builders, LLC

Designed by Nick Mancusi of Mancusi Builders, LLC

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